After a couple of years of writing bespoke applications and infrastructure for clients, we developed our first in-house product TXTRound, a school software platform that allows school’s to send text and email messages directly to parents phones, from a user-friendly web-based platform, accessible from anywhere in the world. 

Today this is commonplace but 14 years ago this was very new. After running TXTRound for a couple of years, frustrations and concerns began to appear from the server load and scalability of TXTRound specifically in peak and winter months with school closures.

We needed to find another solution, could “The Cloud” solve this?

SourceCloud started with AWS in 2010, back then this was considered risky or cutting edge depending on who you asked!
We very quickly started to love the flexibility, scalability and cost savings that the AWS cloud environment provided.
So much so, we have implemented this culture and approach throughout every single project we have delivered since then and are proud to say we are AWS Partners.

Because SourceCloud were early adopters of ‘The Cloud’ we have seen it grow to be commonplace today, because of our many years of experience we have been through the problems and frustrations from those early days, as a company we have adopted an Agile cloud mentality, we have made mistakes and learned from every single one (obviously only with our own products) and much more in the last 10 years.

As ‘The Cloud’ has evolved so has SourceCloud, adopting new technologies and providers, even though we are proud AWS partners this doesn’t mean we only use AWS, we have completed numerous projects in all the major cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

After 100’s of projects in ‘The Cloud’ all in various different sectors and environments, a lot has changed over the last 10 years but we are still as excited today by “The Cloud” as we were in back in 2010.
The possibilities, flexibility, scalability, security and innovation ‘The Cloud’ brings makes us want to come to work and develop new and exciting projects for our clients.

SourceCloud has developed and maintained numerous web-based solutions using front-end and back-end technologies over the years.
Across many different sectors and numerous client’s backend solutions, SourceCloud has incorporated MSSQL, MySQL, Postgres, MongoDB, MariaDB, AWS Aurora and AWS DynamoDb, whilst also using queuing technologies from RabbitMQ to AWS SQS. With some systems having over 10,000 concurrent users, we are acutely aware of how-to performance tune systems.
Our front-end experience includes .Net Framework, MVC, React.js and Angular.js. SourceCloud is agnostic to programming language, with skilled developers in all the main areas including PHP, Java, C#, C++, JavaScript, Python and Ruby. 

As a software house, we have a wide network of developers, however, we often bring in the required skillset if we cannot immediately match the client’s requirements with our developers. 


SourceCloud, can help you from the simplest of projects, right through to the most complex bespoke solution.

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Core Services

AWS Consultancy

SourceCloud are AWS Specialist and we have been working with AWS since 2009, we are extremely proud to be AWS Partners.

What does this mean?
To use AWS terminology, it means that “SourceCloud is a professional services company that helps customers:  Design, Architect, Build, Migrate, and Manage their systems and applications on AWS”.

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Software/App development

Our in-depth knowledge of the “infrastructure as a service” model gives our customers very low start-up costs and the total flexibility to adapt and change, as their businesses expand and develop.

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Some of our Projects

SourceCloud has developed a number of products/projects over the years. utilising our knowledge and experience from design to launch and ongoing management. We deliver User-friendly, intuitive applications in a number of areas.

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Our Partners

SourceCloud partners with key cloud infrastructure providers to ensure our clients take advantage of the best cloud solutions available

Some of our Clients

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