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With a decade of expertise in Cloud computing, SourceCloud is leading the way with innovative solutions. What began 15 years ago as advanced custom applications for our clients has evolved into an invaluable tool – a scalable texting solution used widely in the education sector today. We don’t just limit ourselves to one area though: from aerospace and professional services, to not-for-profit organizations and retail operations— we’ve got experience across different industries that helps us provide unique insight on how you can make use of this cutting-edge technology.

SourceCloud provides our customers with an innovative Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) model that keeps start-up costs low, while allowing flexible customization to accommodate expanding businesses. We understand the importance of managing load variability so we provide tailored solutions and scalability options to ensure that you only pay for what your business requires at any given time – no more overcompensating or underutilizing computing services.

At SourceCloud, we are passionate problem solvers, committed to bringing you state-of-the art solutions that will meet and exceed your expectations. Our expertise in creating new scalable models or migrating existing onsite systems into the cloud is unrivaled. Contact us today if you’re looking for a top-tier development team!

Rob Langley

Rob, the visionary CEO and Founder of SourceCloud is a tech trailblazer with an unrivaled passion for DevOps and automation.

Craig Burns

Craig is leading the charge at SourceCloud, spearheading all of its sales and marketing activity with his innovative vision. With him in this role, there’s no telling what exciting possibilities lie ahead!