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Amazon Web Services (AWS) isn’t something you should tackle on your own. Thanks to SourceCloud, it doesn’t have to be. We provide AWS consulting services to assist you every step of the way. With us on your side, you can make the most of AWS without any complications, confusion or stress.


Whether you’re just getting started with Amazon Web Services, or you want to optimise your existing solution, let us help you to get the most from your cloud investment.


AWS Consulting Services include:

AWS Cloud Migrations

Our expert AWS team will audit your existing infrastructure to get an understanding of your current tech stack. SourceCloud will then come up with a strategy to implement your AWS cloud migration.
Our engineers use proven design patterns to ensure we are creating an infrastructure that can easily be maintained, is scalable and secure to meet the demands of your organisation. We will design your infrastructure to be 100% codified and automated, making it less error-prone, more reliable and stable.

Universal Scalability

AWS lets you scale globally, on-demand. We architect your infrastructure for high-availability and improved overall performance, offering intrinsic flexibility throughout any enterprise life-cycle.

AWS Cost Optimisation and Cost Management

Cost management is a must when utilising the cloud because if your organisation isn’t following the right patterns, your AWS cloud costs can easily get out of control. With a cost optimisation audit of your infrastructure and implementation, we could help you save an estimated 30%-40% per year.

Uninterrupted Operations

Uptime is of the utmost importance, so we make sure to build out your infrastructure to be self-healing. We try to foresee problems before they happen by implementing proper monitoring, introspection and telemetry for a holistic view of your AWS infrastructure.

AWS Management

Our extensive cloud expertise and experience will supplement you’re existing IT team, boosting your versatility. We provide professional and affordable managed AWS cloud services. By augmenting your existing team, we help your organisation gain competitive advantage using the best products and services AWS has to offer. We bring a comprehensive set of experiences and knowledge.


Our expert consultants provide you with a tailored AWS strategy for all of your application needs, taking a holistic view of your organisation, its infrastructure and its forward plans, translating these into an objectives-focused, actionable application roadmap.

A well-conceived and designed solution, shaped to support the future objectives and goals of your organisation, will help you to achieve optimum performance as well as significant efficiencies, cost savings and business value.


Utilise the latest tools to simplify your AWS cloud infrastructure, reducing risk and workload. As organisations shift from monolithic applications to microservices to improve application development, they often experience difficulties in implementing effective DevOps processes. SourceCloud has a well defined and mature, automated CI/CD pipeline that utilises many of today’s popular technologies.

Application Development

SourceCloud has experienced professionals that have vast experience in building web and mobile applications. Our certified developers build secure, scalable and high-performance applications. We deliver innovative solutions and transform complex experiences into simpler more intuitive processes. We provide ongoing support to help you optimise your investment through AWS services.


The benefits of working an AWS partner.

There are elements of a business that can be taken on alone. Unfortunately, cloud computing isn’t one of them. It requires years of experience and expert training to become a cloud computing expert. Fortunately, it doesn’t take years to get this kind of expertise on your side. SourceCloud provides AWS consulting, deployment, management, optimisation and DevOps services.

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