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Amazon Web Services (AWS) isn’t something you should tackle on your own. Thanks to SourceCloud, it doesn’t have to be. We provide AWS consulting to assist you every step of the way. With us on your side, you can make the most of AWS, without any complications, confusion or stress.



AWS migrations can be complex and resource-intensive. Without a detailed strategy and the right team, you can face serious problems, including project delays, or even serious business disruptions.

A proper migration plan is critical to your success in the cloud. But this is only the beginning – once you’re in AWS, you can continue to utilise our expertise in scalability, management and DevOps automation.

Our migration plans are broken down into 4 areas:


Our team analyzes your project and develops a migration plan based on your applications, your current infrastructure and your company goals.

Discovery & Planning

We then explore the application architecture, integrations and dependencies identifying the correct migration strategy for each application. From a simple lift-and-shift to a more complex re-engineering project, we can suggest the best path for your AWS journey every time.


We take care of the planning, migration and validation of each application to accelerate your transition into the Cloud. By migrating you to AWS we can guarantee the scalability, agility and resilience of your system.


We support you throughout the entire process, from migration to daily operations, in many cases up-skilling your current team, until they can autonomously manage your new AWS infrastructure. We often implement CostGuardian in our solutions, helping you manage and save costs on your AWS environment.

Migrate to AWS with SourceCloud’s Cloud Experts

We have dealt with numerous AWS migrations since 2010, from simple lift-and-shifts (rehosting) to the complete re-engineering of applications.

Because of our experience, we have developed best practices, using automation to make migrations fast and secure.

Even the best-planned migrations require optimizing and managing (Performance Tuning), our task is to continue to guarantee the performance, reliability and security of all your services.

After your migration, SourceCloud will continue to keep your environments safe and agile, control costs and introduce you to technological innovations that will enhance your environments/applications.

Once your migration is successful, SourceCloud offers bespoke support and consulting services. This could be 24/7 support, office hours only or something in between, keeping your applications running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The benefits of working an AWS partner.

There are elements of a business that can be taken on alone. Unfortunately, cloud computing isn’t one of them. It requires years of experience and expert training to become a cloud computing expert. Fortunately, it doesn’t take years to get this kind of expertise on your side. SourceCloud provides AWS consulting, deployment, management, optimisation and DevOps services.

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