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Amazon Web Services (AWS) isn’t something you should tackle on your own. Thanks to SourceCloud, it doesn’t have to be. We provide AWS consulting to assist you every step of the way. With us on your side, you can make the most of AWS, without any complications, confusion or stress.


AWS Performance Tuning

Whilst Cloud computing is great for scaling up, ensuring your application performs as you expect, this can have significant cost impact if left unmanaged. SourceCloud, has experience in tuning a variety of AWS environments, including auto-scaling EC2 instances and databases.

Stateless Application

Not all applications can run on multiple servers due to their design. Applications that store session data or files locally, may not by design lend themselves to load balancing. SourcClouds architects can help you decouple your solution, in the beginning, SourceCloud prioritises looking for easy wins, maximising the clients ROI, then recommending a longer-term phased approach. This approach improves resilience as well as significant performance improvements.

Web / Application Servers

By monitoring key metrics in CloudWatch and other 3rd party tools, SourceCloud will analyse CPU, Memory, Target Response times and requests we will tune your environment, ensuring the web servers scale as required, coming online before performance is impacted, scaling back once the load has sufficiently decreased. 

We will also review the type and size of the servers we scale with, selecting minimal larger servers or possibly multiple smaller servers. SourceCloud, will analysis the metrics, tuning and refining settings over time, maximising the performance without wasting resource. 

Scaling is typically done on one of three metrics.

Average CPU – triggering server startups if the load exceeds a given % over a set period.

Connections – triggering servers startups if the number of connections per server exceeds a given value.

Scheduled – triggering server startups at a predetermined time on given days.

Content Delivery Network

Utilising AWS’s CloudFront will ensure common static files such as CSS or images are served from edge locations, further reducing the load on the servers.


The database can be a bottleneck in terms of performance, again using CloudWatch and the appropriate 3rd party tools, SourceCloud will analyse the data in terms of CPU, Memory and Network traffic, whilst also reviewing expensive queries and index performance. A combination of these can often make a significant improvement to performance, sometimes leading to a downsizing of the server and overall cost reduction.


The benefits of working an AWS partner.

There are elements of a business that can be taken on alone. Unfortunately, cloud computing isn’t one of them. It requires years of experience and expert training to become a cloud computing expert. Fortunately, it doesn’t take years to get this kind of expertise on your side. SourceCloud provides AWS consulting, deployment, management, optimisation and DevOps services.

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