Case Studies

SourceCloud has been developing bespoke applications for customers since 2005. We have a highly skilled development team specialising in the most common programming languages such as C#, ASP.NET, Java, React, Angular, Node.js, PHP and SQL. Our portfolio extends across MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB and Postgres databases.

Cloud automation is achieved using Ansible, AWS CloudFormation and the shell scripting language deemed most appropriate for the platform. We use a blend of onshore and offshore resource to maximise the value added return for our customers.


Please take a look below at some of our more recent projects

  • SourceCloud was tasked with replacing a number of web services that had been developed by a previous software company.  The services are consumed by the main AgeUK site and other related sites in order to display basic information on shop and service location.

  • Potter Clarkson is an award-winning, top-tier firm of European patent and trademark attorneys and IP lawyers. SourceCloud were tasked with developing an advanced search facility in their existing bespoke platform using Elastsearch. 

  • Cyclops delivers the most accurate and reliable safety camera databases and smart software on the market. SourceCloud were tasked with moving and improving their existing platform and to increase performance, reliability and to reduce overall cost.

  • SourceCloud was tasked with building, a complete bespoke HR system to replace the current system that the client had been using for several years. Based in Hinckley Leicestershire HR:4UK are passionate and committed to providing a comprehensive range of employment and HR services.

  • SourceCloud were asked by Delivering-Demand to build a beauty comparison / Clinic finder site on behalf of one of their clients, MedFX who is a single-source supplier for Aesthetics and Skin Rejuvenation product.

  • With cloud computing, it is vital to manage your costs to maximise your savings. SourceCloud has developed its own innovative, leading-edge solution, which makes the management of servers easier and more cost-effective.

  • As parents and school governors, we knew the frustrations from both sides when it came to communication between schools and parents. Letters would often get lost or simply forgotten about, what happened if there was an emergency or something needed to be communicated at short notice? Bad weather, School closures, last-minute reminders or school trips running late. Parent and school communication had to improve.

  • SourceCloud were tasked with building a new AWS infrastructure, The new infrastructure was designed and implemented using a fully scripted solution. It included all the necessary components to run the farming forum with XenForo 2.1 running in a High Availability mode (HA) providing resilience against web-server, database and data centre failures. Whilst providing a cost-effective solution, suitable backups and recovery solutions.

  • The Cyclops Real-time Artificial Intelligence Data and Reporting…. system "RAIDAR" uses Computer Vision and Deep Learning to automatically detect a speed enforcement area. The automatic detection of speed enforcement areas will reduce the reliance on crowdsourcing the current location of mobile speed cameras via manual reports from users.

Some of Our Clients