With cloud computing, it is vital to manage your costs to maximise your savings. SourceCloud has developed its own innovative, leading-edge solution, which makes the management of servers easier and more cost-effective. 


With the explosion of ‘The Cloud’, it is now easier than ever to get the server you need instantly, which is brilliant. It is also easy to constantly increase the size or speed of the servers you need on-demand, again this is brilliant for development.
However, what happens when you no longer need a server? or you certainly don’t need a server the size you currently have?
Does your development always turn off their servers when they are not using them? at the end of each day or even at weekends?
Because of its ease, the cost of using ‘The Cloud’ often spirals out of control. without overall visibility, it’s not easy for managers or directors especially if they are not technically minded, to keep a track on the cost, who or which department is spending or wasting the most money and how to stop it happening in the future.



Whilst, of course, it is possible to control your AWS environment from the AWS console, this is often tricky to navigate, time-consuming and sometimes you don’t have the permissions to turn on a server on/off or resize the server.
As a company, you may be able to write scripts to turn instances on/off on a schedule, but there are numerous other factors we need to consider that are more difficult and very time-consuming.
Multi-account users – scripting doesn’t usually support multi-account access and is very difficult to support existing group structures.
Groups – users within a group would have limited if any access to your schedules, meaning you must create a way for all users to have a single view with the ability to start/stop and override instance schedules.
Override schedules – it is very difficult to let users override schedules when they need access to them.
On-demand access – you must create a system for out of hours users to access instances/schedules.
Custom schedules – users would not be able to create custom schedules based on usage and resource requirements.
Reporting – Apart from waiting for your monthly AWS bill there is no way of tracking/reporting in real-time. Reports need to be customizable per user, group and instance type with customizable date ranges.
Cost savings – The reason you start/stop, resize or schedule an instance is so it is not running when it isn’t needed saving the company money. To see real-time cost savings, you will need to create a custom application to track all of the above on a user by user basis.
Policies – it is difficult to build custom policies regarding the scheduling of instances such as “run for 4 hours” or “run indefinitely”.
Non-technical users – These are the people that often control budgets and spend, however, there is no easy way to create a UI that allows non-technical people and users who are unfamiliar with the AWS console the ability to control and report on instances, costs and overall spend.



SourceCloud built CostGuardian, a web-based platform that allows technical and non-technical users, the ability to Start/Stop, Schedule, Resize and Report on instances in their AWS environment. Permissions based roles allow users to access only the servers and environments they have been given access to.
All this from a simple User-defined dashboard, showing real-time information specific to each user.


CostGuardian was developed by SourceCloud to make sure users of all technical ability, had the confidence and the platform to be able to view and control their AWS environment, from a convenient web-based dashboard showing up to date information on the instances they have access to.
CostGuardian is saving companies time and money on their AWS bill, for smaller companies, it is important to keep all costs down to improve cast flow. For development and software companies this makes sure development cost/debt is kept to an absolute minimum, improving your relationship with your clients and giving you an accurate forecasting tool when it comes to costing new projects. For larger companies, the cost savings alone can be huge, when you also factor in the additional security, Groups and Multi-users, permissions based roles and real-time data.
CostGuardian is a vital tool for your business



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