Environmental Policy


The directors of SourceCloud have always worked to minimise the impact of the business and our services on the environment.
Being a SaaS-based company, we already have a relatively low environmental impact. We use multi-tenant solutions in ‘the Cloud’ designed for clustered computing. Put simply, this means we use server resources only when traffic requires, our automated process means we can dynamically scale up or down as needed.
We view our environmental impact as we do our software—it is an aspect of business in which we must strive for continuous improvement.

Our policy is to Reduce Energy and Increase Efficiency of existing resources and eliminate waste.


  • –  SourceCloud chose office space close to public transportation options, which allows our employees to commute in a  green manner, whilst many of our employees work remotely.
  • –  We constantly are making efforts to improve environmental protection and the sharing of appropriate knowledge, methods and working practices thus helping to reduce our carbon footprint even further.
  • –  Increase Efficiency of existing resources – SourceCloud has a process of continuous improvement, maximising every resource at our disposal.
  • –  SourceCloud takes every step possible to Re-use as many materials and resources as possible, identifying opportunities to divert, minimize, reuse and recycle our waste stream.
  • – Striving to reduce business travel and promote alternatives wherever practicable, promoting staff adoption of alternative and sustainable commuter transport options, including virtual meetings via Skype, teams, join.me where possible.
  • –  Managing the consumption of energy, water, paper and other resources used by SourceCloud in its day-to-day operations, we operate a paperless office including a fully digital archive system.


Awareness – identify and inform sustainability improvements to:

  • Employees
  • Customers
  • Suppliers